I attended Hampton School in Middlesex, Surrey from 1996 until 2003, attaining a total of 10 GCSEs, (9 at grade A*, 1 A) and went on to achieve 6 A-Levels at grade A, earning a place at the University of Warwick where I studied Electronic Engineering, finishing in 2007 with a First Class degree at the level of MEng.
I worked for 5 years in IT for the Equity Derivatives business at UBS Investment Bank, working on a variety of projects including the Equity Derivatives Middle Office platform in Java and Clojure before spending a year at Credit Suisse developing the strategic Equity Derivatives risk system, also in Java.
I am now engaged with Agents' Mutual developing, a UK property portal, as one of the founding members of the development team, working with Clojure.

Work Experience

Core development team, Agents' Mutual - Contractual employment

March 2014 - present

I am currently working at Agents' Mutual developing, a UK property portal launching in 2015. It is a green field project to develop a highly available and fast web portal with a data processing pipeline capable of handling millions of properties. We are using Clojure, ElasticSearch, Postgres and Amazon Web Services.

Assistant Vice President, Credit Suisse - Full time employment

April 2013 - March 2014

I joined the Equity Derivatives IT team at Credit Suisse working on the strategic risk system built on technologies including HornetQ JMS, ElasticSearch, Hazelcast and Cassandra. The highly distributed application handled millions of JMS messages and hundreds of millions of HTTP requests every day and had to be fault tolerant, fast and flexibly configurable in real time.

Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank - Full time employment

January 2008 - March 2013

In February 2010 I joined the Equity Derivatives Middle Office team, working in an agile environment on a lifecycle platform. The Java application utilised technologies such as Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, Compass, Apache and others. We used TDD, Scrum, Pair Programming and other agile techniques on a daily basis.
Previously, having joined the company in January 2008 on the Graduate Training Programme I worked on the risk system for Equity Derivatives IT. The role includes analysis and development of Java applications for static data maintenance and trade flow between intra-bank systems and small-scale project management for initiatives with both onshore and offshore resources.

UBS Investment Bank - Summer Internship

Summer 2006

I joined the UBS Investment Bank Internship programme for 10 weeks during the summer of 2006 between my third and fourth year of University. My role was with Equity Derivatives IT where I enhanced an application for maintenance of data in the risk system, paving the way for retirement of a legacy application.

Roke Manor Research - Summer Internship

Summer 2005

I worked for 8 weeks on the Roke Manor Research Summer Internship programme in the summer between my second and third years of University. I joined a team focussed on next-generation mobile network routing and developed several applications to assist in remote debugging of software.

Young Voice - Part time employment

2003 - 2007

I worked for the charity Young Voice on a variety of website projects and technical support, developing an e-commerce aspect, online feedback forms and data libraries for their website.

Academic Qualifications


Hampton School

English LanguageA*2001
English LiteratureA*2001

A Level

Hampton School

Business StudiesA2003
French (AS Level)C2001
Further MathematicsA2003
General StudiesA2003

Electronic Engineering MEng - Year 1

University of Warwick

Communications and Media812004
Electrical and Electronic Systems822004
Electronic Circuits and Devices722004
Engineering Software742004
Mathematics for Engineers 892004
Modelling and System Dynamics862004
Professional Studies 712004
Solid State Electronics832004

Electronic Engineering MEng - Year 2

University of Warwick

Analogue Design802005
Applied Linear Algebra852005
Design of Measurement Systems692005
Digital Design592005
Electronic Systems692005
Signal Processing and Communications832005
Software Development892005
Starting a Business (for Engineers)602005
Systems & Control832005
ULSI MOS Devices & Technologies812005

Electronic Engineering MEng - Year 3

University of Warwick

3rd Year Project902006
Analogue and Digital Systems Design632006
Communications Systems732006
Digital Signal Processing822006
Finance & Accounting782006
Fundamentals of Modern VLSI Design732006
New concepts in Electronics782006
Optoelectronics and Laser Physics662006

Electronic Engineering MEng - Year 4

University of Warwick

4th Year Project842007
Automation & Robotics772007
Current uses of computers722007
Directed Reading852007
Engineering Business Management702007
Future Electronics842007
High Integrity Systems742007