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I am a professional software developer specialising in Java, Clojure and web technologies with a passion for photography.

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development is my craft

I currently work as a Clojure consultant at Credit Suisse building a Clojure/Clojurescript application which aggregates across trading books to provide a streamlined overview of the risk system. Previously I worked at Agents' Mutual on the fast-growing property portal OnTheMarket.com on all aspects of the stack, from Javascript development on the front end and coding in Clojure on the server to provisioning our virtual hosts in the cloud.

I also develop my own projects including

  • pedestal-api

    A library for building Swagger APIs on the Pedestal web server, written in Clojure.

  • Slacky

    Memes-as-a-Service, written in Clojure and available on the Slack app store.

    GitHub Heroku
  • Angel Interceptor

    A library for rule-driven webserver middleware, written in Clojure.

  • Ingred

    Ingred is a REST API for BBC recipes, indexed by ingredient, written in Clojure.

    GitHub Heroku
  • Cljockwork

    Cljockwork is a REST API for cron4j, written in Clojure.

    GitHub Heroku
  • Eat Me

    A tool for managing grocery shopping written in Clojure and Clojurescript.

    GitHub Heroku
  • My web gallery

    Based on phpFlickr to showcase my photos on my own website.

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  • picturewall.js

    An HTML5 canvas-based picture gallery

    GitHub Live demo


is my passion

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